BackupDNS Service Description
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So, now you understand why you need secondary DNS, you might be wondering exactly what service we provide.

Quite simply, we provide off-site secondary DNS services for your forward and reverse zone files.  These services are provided by a server located in Helena, Montana.  The server is currently is connected to the internet via a T1 to SprintLink and a second T1 to Cable and Wireless. 

In order for you to use our service, you must provide a primary DNS server somewhere on the internet.  This server is where you will mainain the primary copy of your zone files. After the initial setup, our server will automatically make a duplicate of your zone files from your primary server when needed.

We also provide an online, automated interface to add, remove, and update zone information.  Through this interface, a subcriber to our service can add additional zones immediately, force the update of exisiting zones for that particular subscriber, and perform other maintenance functions related to their zones.

The pricing for these services are discussed on our Pricing Page.

If you have any questions, please donít hesitate to email

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